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Resizing a Snapmirrored NetApp Flex Volume

May 2, 2011 1 comment

So you have a bunch of volumes you are currently snap mirroring to an alternate NetApp SAN. Now after three months of being in production, your volume requirements grow. So as a NetApp admin, you say hey no problem just increase the size of the volume. It so easy I’ll just do it:

site1> vol size demo4 +25m

There all done, I just increased the size by 25 Megs. Wow that was easy. But wait whats this, the snapmirror is failing now. That is because the source volume receiving the snapmirror has to be equal or larger than the source. Since we just increased the source, we caused a problem as shown below:

site2>snapmirror update -S site1:demo4 site2:demo4

Mon Apr 12 00:39:45 GMT [replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror: destination transfer from site1:demo4 to demo4 : destination volume too small; it must be equal to or larger than the source volume. Transfer aborted: destination volume too small; it must be equal to or larger than the source volume.

So now what? Well, all one has to do is resize the destination volume to be the same size or larger. In fact this is the first place you would start if one needed to increase the source volume.

Five easy steps to increasing the snapmirroed volume on the destination filer:
On the destination filer in our example “site2″ and Flexvol “demo4″
Step 1 — Need to temporarily break the mirror to make the volume read/writeable
site2>snapmirror break demo4
Step 2 — We need to change the volume option of our “demo4″ volume fs_size_fixed to off
site2> vol options demo4 fs_size_fixed off
Step 3 — Next we increase the size of the destination volume
site2> vol size demo4 +25m
Step 4 — Change the fs_size_fixed back to on before we resume the mirror
site2> options demo4 fs_size_fixed on
Step 5 — Re-establish the mirror
site2>snapmirror resync -S site1:demo4

Couple of things to consider with Snapmirrored volumes
1. Destination filer must be later or equal to Ontap version as the source filer
2. If a-sis volume is being replicated to a smaller filer, be mindful  of dedup limits on destination filer