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NetApp DataMotion for OnTap 8.0.1 7-Mode

NetApp DataMotion for Volumes.  Not many people know about this feature so I thought I would let the folks out there know DataMotion lets you move volumes nondisruptively between aggregates on the same controller. With Data ONTAP 8.0.1 7-Mode, this is supported for volumes that only contain one or more LUNs. This nondisruptive data movement is useful for many purposes: for example, to free up space in an aggregate, to load-balance disk operations, to move data to a different tier of storage, and to replace old disk drives with newer models. Application and user access is maintained during and after data movement, and data can be moved between aggregates that use different drive types; FC, SAS, SSD, and SATA drives are all supported.

NetApp DataMotion for volumes lets you nondisruptively migrate volumes containing LUNs.

Differences between DataMotion for Volumes and DataMotion for vFiler.  DataMotion for vFiler allows you to migrate volumes between separate storage systems or HA pairs. DataMotion for vFiler is managed using NetApp Protection Manager. DataMotion for Volumes can only be invoked from the command line by using the vol move command.

Great pdf on this subject.

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