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SnapManager for Exchange Recovery Wizard

In this tutorial I will guide you through the SnapManager for Exchange Recovery Wizard to restore your mailbox store.

1. Start SnapManager for Exchange and in the right hand pane we want to click on Restore Wizard.

2. The Restore Wizard will appear in a new window. In this tutorial we want to restore backups that were created on this server, so we select the first option and click Next.

3. Expand the servername – mailbox store – local backups and the backup that you wish to restore from (scrolling to the right will reveal the date the backup was taken). Click Next.

4. In this window we can choose to restore to the same Storage Group/Database or restore to a Recovery Database. Here we will be restoring back to the same Storage Group/Database. Click Next.

5. The production database name and paths are listed here. The wizard already populates the check box. Click Next.

6. I want to restore the my database to the current state and have Exchange replay all transaction logs so i’ll select the first option. You also have the option to restore the database to the exact point-in-time. Click Next.

7. I actually just want to test that the restore will work and not do an actual restore so I will select the option, Yes, this is a test restore. I don’t want to dismount all the store so I will leave Check current logs unticked. Click Next.

8. In this window i’ll untick Exhaustive verification and leave the rest as default. Click Next.

9. A summary of your setting is displayed. Click Finish to begin the restore process.

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